Dr. Anna Salvati

Profile of the supervisor

After graduating in Biology in Florence University, Italy, dr. Anna Salvati got interested in drug delivery and obtained a PhD in Chemical Sciences with a project on the preparation and characterization of drug carriers. In 2007 she joined the Centre for BioNano Interactions in Dublin, Ireland, as a postdoctoral researcher, moving back closer to biology to try to understand the basic mechanisms by which such nanosized materials are processed and trafficked by cells. She believes that we need this knowledge if we want to be able to design truly effective drug carriers. In 2014 she has been awarded a Rosalind Franklin Fellowship to establish her group in the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy, where she is further developing her work on nanoparticle-cell interactions for nanomedicine applications and nanosafety.


Nanomedicine, nanoparticle-cell interactions, drug delivery, nanosafety.

Profile of the research group

Our group is part of the Division of Pharmacokinetics Toxicology and Targeting, which includes around thirty members among PIs, lecturers, Phd students, postdocs and technicians. The lab currently hosts four PhD students, (with another PhD student and a postdoc joining us in the next three months) and through the year several master students also join us. Overall, the group is highly international and our research strongly interdisciplinary, including students with backgrounds spanning from chemistry to cell biology. The research questions we are trying to answer are highly challenging, but we work closely together supporting each other in our projects.

Dr. Anna Salvati